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In less than a week.

It seems so long ago that I posted those photographs from Alyth, unfortunately it was only a couple of weeks ago.  So much devastation in such a short time, it seemed like Alyth was going to be out of commission for some time.

That was until the Community got together.  The Town Hall was opened, donations of food and clothing came in at speed.  As soon as the water receded, members of the local community started fixing things.  Tractors, diggers, trucks, people all appeared and all made a start on the clean up.

A crèche was set up in the town which allowed parents of young children to concentrate on getting their homes back to some semblance of normality.  In some cases this was not possible so alternative accommodation had to be found.  The crèche gave parents a few hours where they could make appointments and organise contractors whilst the children were safe and looked after.

Those of more advanced years whose homes had been affected found they had willing volunteers to help clean out their properties. Within days many properties had damp carpets and furniture removed to allow residents a chance to sort things out safely.

The electricity company sent a food van to the Town Hall so people could get hot drinks and hot food whilst their electricity was off.

In this age where the majority of media stories we hear are negative, the community spirit in Alyth is shining like a beacon of hope.  This is what living in a community is all about, working together to overcome, helping each other get through the worst.

Alyth I take my hat off to you.




T In The Park – What Next?

The first T In The Park at Strathallan has come and gone, what next?

To get a view on how those closest to the festival were affected I visited the Muthill and Tullibardine Community Council Meeting last night. As you can imagine the main topic of conversation was the very recent T In The Park.

The traffic situation was at the top of everyone’s list of problems, especially as the traffic affected the properties of more than one or two of the participants in the meeting. All in attendance agreed that the traffic was the biggest problem and that this would certainly need to be looked at for future events. Questions were asked about the Traffic Managment Programme, the Police effectiveness, PKC due diligence for the festival amongst others.

PKC Councillor Tom Gray advised that there was an ongoing enquiry into the festival and the problems it faced. There would need to be a radical change in the transport arrangements for future events to ensure PKC continuing support.

As discussions continued there was mention of health and safety issues and the percieved lack of control of some festival goers by stewards. coaches allowing drinking during travel and public safety in general.

Cllr Gray assured local residents that PKC would be working closely with DF Concerts to ensure changes were made to the areas which caused problems this year.

When asked about the points raised, Geoff Ellis said “We genuinely apologise for the issues with traffic and the knock on effect that this had for the local community. We’ve resolved to fix those for next year and beyond. We completely understand some people’s frustrations, but we do listen and we will make sure we put the correct measures in place to ensure that they are all resolved ahead of the 2016 event.”

“This was our first year at Strathallan and there are definite lessons to be learned. We did keep an open dialogue with locals throughout the weekend and we made changes to resolve anything that was reported to our local resident liaison officer – who is also now following up with people to bring us feedback. We’d had 18 years at Balado and Kinross residents will tell you that some of the early years were just as challenging as this year. But they will also tell you that we were true to our word, that we listened and we fixed the problems. We will do the same at Strathallan.”

“We have also had feedback from many locals that they had a brilliant time at the festival and they also felt the positive benefits to their business and the town – we want to ensure that in the future, this is an experience shared by everyone.”

From the meeting I attended, there are definitely issues to be addressed, however if this is done and local knowledge obtained to aid in these issues then things could definitely change for the better.

Now that the first 48hrs after the end of the festival have passed, more and more comments are being seen praising the event and looking forward to next year.

I don’t think anyone would try to say it was a perfect event, however the majority of festival goers appear to have had a great time.

This was the first year in a new venue, next year with more detailed knowledge the intentions are for things to progress. T In The Park is one of the best known music festivals in the world, to have it in our local area is a positive for the local economy. With local residents, DF Concerts, PKC and Police Scotland working together, the event can hopefully improve and benefit all concerned.


T in the Park – Lessons To Be Learned

Being based in the area which includes Strathallan Castle, we were hoping for T In The Park 2015 to be a great event. So many locals had supported it’s arrival and were looking forward to welcoming festival goers to a great event.

Sadly it seems there were a few problems from which there are lessons to be learned.

Transport was an issue, a very problematic issue which left many people with a bad impression of the event. The inital plan was something that looked as if it would work quite well. However when there were unexpected factors added, there seemed to be a lack of backup plans. This resulted in people waiting for hours for transport, walking along the roads which completely negated the traffic plan which had been designed for no pedestrians. Stewards seemed to be ill informed with no competent people to take charge and sort out the chaos, which left some in precarious situations throughout the night.

As those who attended Balado through the years can verify, there have been problems before, eg. 10 mile tailbacks on the motorways in 2007. As the first year in a new venue there were bound to be teething problems but simple things do not seem to have been taken into consideration.

A car park in a grass field in Scotland. It rains, car park turns to mud park, this was always a probability never mind a possibility. One exit from a car park with hundreds of cars, never a good idea.

Maybe next year instead of booking buses from the event, utilise a parking area for buses away from the event and just run shuttles from event to parking area. Then it won’t matter what bus people get on from the event, at least they will be moving, not wandering about looking for the correct bus.

As for the apparent lack of information from Stewards and lack of police presence seen when it seemed to be needed most. Maybe it is time to stop using young volunteers as stewards and get in the professionals, well organised, well informed, able to stand their ground and initiate back up plans. Who could expect a young volunteer to take on a group of drunken idiots?

So – Lessons to be learned would seem to be revisit the traffic plans and utilise professional stewards.

Moving forward, there have been thousands of festival goers who have had a fantastic time at T In The Park at Strathallan Castle. It is still one of the best music festivals in the world and we are proud to have it in our back yard. We look forward to having you all back next year when I am sure lessons will have been learned and it will be an enjoyable experience for all.


TITP Travel Delays Possible Explanation

There were many comments about the problems people had leaving the venue last night.

The information I have so far is that there was a problem on the road heading for the West pick up/drop off point.  This problem was not it seems anything too serious but had to be checked out by professionals and thus the road had to be closed for safety purposes.

This necessitated the diversion of traffic heading for the West to the East pick up/drop off point.

This obviously was not what the organisers were hoping for and caused a great deal of delay and uncertainty for those trying to leave the venue.

An isolated incident which was unexpected and happened late at night which meant there was a lot of traffic had to be rerouted.  Although irritating and uncomfortable for those waiting to get picked up, I am sure you can agree not something that was expected in the planning of the event.

If I manage to obtain any further information I will of course post it here.


Welcome to T In The Park Saturday

Welcome to T In The Park Saturday. It’s a beautiful morning here in Auchterarder and we a looking forward to welcoming everyone to Strathallan Castle today.

If you are using a day ticket and intend leaving tonight, please keep an eye out for any travel arrangement announcements. It seems there were some problems last night with people’s homeward travel and we are assuming that the organisers will be putting out statements or updated arrangements later today.

If you are just wakening up, why not jump on a shuttle bus once you are up and about and come visit Auchterarder. Stock up with those little extras you forgot and visit one of the cafes for a proper breakfast?

We would love to see you and you know you want some proper cooked food lol.

Updates to come later – Have a great day everyone.


T in The Park Friday 2015

Good morning and welcome to T in The Park Friday, brought to you by Lang Toon Times and Public Loss Adjusters Scotland. Today is starting cool and damp in Auchterarder, hopefully this will ease us into a lovely Summers day as forecast by local weather guru Windy Wilson, who will be in attendance at T in the Park this year so say hi if you see him and Wee Windy.

If you are just wakening, The Tearoom in the centre of Auchterarder is now open serving fabulous SpecialT breakfasts. Why not take a shuttlebus to Auchterarder or if you are on your way, stop by and set yourself up for the day. Cafe Kisa will also be open from 9am.

In the centre of town, LLoyds Pharmacy has high factor sun protection on offer, better to be prepared for the sun than suffering later.

Sugar and Spice are also cooking up a storm with plenty pies, sausage rolls and bridies for those looking to stock up for later. They also do a selection of takeaway sandwiches and salad boxes for the more health conscious.

More updates to come as the day goes on.

The LTT Coverage of TITP is proudly sponsored by Public Loss Adjusters Scotland.

Offering a complete professional service for managing building insurance claims for

water, flood, fire and storm damage.


Welcome to T in the Park at Strathallan Castle, Auchterarder

Welcome to everyone heading to Auchterarder for T in the Park.  We hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself in our lovely town and surrounding area.

As this is the first year of the event being held at Strathallan Castle then there are probably a few things you would like to know.

Katy Gordon of the Evening Telegraph has put together a list here  – As she is from this area and of age to go to festivals (unlike me) you probably want to trust her information.  I agree with it all so no point in me doing anything different.

Now I am sure nobody is intending drinking too much this weekend but just in case – Sugar and Spice in the High Street are the local bakery.  Their Pies, Bridies and Sausage Rolls are a very good way of lining the stomach prior to the weekends excesses.

For cleanliness on the run, we all know that old staple – baby wipes.  I happen to know that the spar at the top of the town got a new delivery of them just a couple of days ago.  Great for when you just need a bit of a “dicht”


This is just some information for local Auchterarder Services that you may need –


Shuttle bus from Auchterarder to the T in the Park site  timetable –


Taxis – There are no taxi ranks in Auchterarder – You MUST CALL AND BOOK a taxi, you cannot hail one in the street.

AA Chauffeur Drive – 01764 664455

Ford Private Hire – 01764 664050

M&M Chauffeur Drive – 01764 660116

MacGillivray Chauffeur Drive – 01764 664466


There are many café’s in Auchterarder most only open during the day.  Although some of the takeaways do deliver locally –

Din Dins – Indian/Kebab/Burgers/Pizza/Munchie Boxes/Pizza – 01764 663553

Bilal Tandoori – Indian/Kebab/Burgers/Munchie Boxes/Pizza – 01764 663111

Sheray Punjab – Indian/Pizza – 01764 664277


If there is anything else you would like to know, just message the Lang Toon Times Facebook page and we shall do the best we can to find out for you.


T In The Park – Useful Info Coming Soon

Coming Soon – Useful information for those attending T in the Park.


Watch this space.


Public Loss Adjusters Open Scotland Office In Auchterarder

Public Loss Adjusters are delighted to announce the opening of our latest branch in Scotland. Situated in the picturesque village of Auchterader located between neighbouring towns of Perth and Kinross. It is anticipated our latest location will provide an injection of not only jobs within the area but apprenticeships and trainee programs to introduce the younger generation into a professional working environment.

As well as receiving a greater demand in Scotland for our claims management services it has been a long standing goal for our managing director to open a location north of the English border being a proud Scotsman. As a company we pride ourselves on the philosophy of being big enough to cope but small enough to care therefore it is imperative that localised branches are situated all over the UK to keep a personal approach to loss adjusting and claims assistance.

PLA Scotland would like to thank the residents and the local businesses within the area for their assistance and support allowing us to settle into the environment comfortably. We are very appreciative of the community spirit within Auchterarder and will welcome the chance to integrate into the community further by attending/assisting with any events in the future.

Based in Glenruthven Mill at the bottom of Abbey Road in Auchterarder, Public Loss Adjusters are there for those who have to make an insurance claim for Escape of Water from tanks in the house, Fire, Flood, Theft etc.  Their purpose is to ensure you get the full entitlement that your insurance policy covers you for.

A relatively new concept in insurance claims in Scotland it is something that is worth knowing in case you or anyone you know is in the unfortunate situation of having to claim on household insurance.



A Mothers Day Tribute

Through the years the way you think about your Mother often changes, however her love for you does not.

When you are young she is the one who builds you up, tells you off, keeps you right and helps make you who you are as an adult.

Over the years as we grow as people, possibly become parents ourselves we realise the love and care that our Mothers bestowed on us has come with us and supported us throughout our lives.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mother for her unstinting support over the years, from soothing my scraped knees when I was young to sitting at a hospital bedside as a Grandmother.  For all those times in between both happy and sad when she has always been there either standing right beside me or supporting silently from the background. We have had such fun and had some amazing adventures and for that I am grateful.

So to all those Mothers out there, no matter what stage of the journey you are on, have faith and know that we love you.