Public Loss Adjusters Open Scotland Office In Auchterarder

Public Loss Adjusters are delighted to announce the opening of our latest branch in Scotland. Situated in the picturesque village of Auchterader located between neighbouring towns of Perth and Kinross. It is anticipated our latest location will provide an injection of not only jobs within the area but apprenticeships and trainee programs to introduce the younger generation into a professional working environment.

As well as receiving a greater demand in Scotland for our claims management services it has been a long standing goal for our managing director to open a location north of the English border being a proud Scotsman. As a company we pride ourselves on the philosophy of being big enough to cope but small enough to care therefore it is imperative that localised branches are situated all over the UK to keep a personal approach to loss adjusting and claims assistance.

PLA Scotland would like to thank the residents and the local businesses within the area for their assistance and support allowing us to settle into the environment comfortably. We are very appreciative of the community spirit within Auchterarder and will welcome the chance to integrate into the community further by attending/assisting with any events in the future.

Based in Glenruthven Mill at the bottom of Abbey Road in Auchterarder, Public Loss Adjusters are there for those who have to make an insurance claim for Escape of Water from tanks in the house, Fire, Flood, Theft etc.  Their purpose is to ensure you get the full entitlement that your insurance policy covers you for.

A relatively new concept in insurance claims in Scotland it is something that is worth knowing in case you or anyone you know is in the unfortunate situation of having to claim on household insurance.



A Mothers Day Tribute

Through the years the way you think about your Mother often changes, however her love for you does not.

When you are young she is the one who builds you up, tells you off, keeps you right and helps make you who you are as an adult.

Over the years as we grow as people, possibly become parents ourselves we realise the love and care that our Mothers bestowed on us has come with us and supported us throughout our lives.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mother for her unstinting support over the years, from soothing my scraped knees when I was young to sitting at a hospital bedside as a Grandmother.  For all those times in between both happy and sad when she has always been there either standing right beside me or supporting silently from the background. We have had such fun and had some amazing adventures and for that I am grateful.

So to all those Mothers out there, no matter what stage of the journey you are on, have faith and know that we love you.

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T In The Park – An Opinion

The Auchterarder area has the chance to be the new home to T In The Park, this seems to be dividing opinion somewhat.

Some think it will be a fantastic opportunity for the local area whilst others think it will be a disaster. There have been people pulling together on both sides of the argument to try and ensure their opinion is the one which holds most weight at PKC.

If anywhere is suited to a large event it is the Auchterarder area. With Gleneagles Hotel so close the area has a history of being supportive to events over the years.

That’s what makes it seem so strange that would be so many objectors to the event. There didn’t seem to be such a furore when the Ryder Cup was announced or any of the previous golf events. Why should it be that there is such objections to one of the most famous music festivals in the world?

Kinross community leaders came to Auchterarder and discussed the pros and cons with their counterparts in Auchterarder. Their comments were mostly positive about the effects on the local community.

Be assured we are under no illusions that there will be some disruption to the area, there will definitely be a clean up required as there has been with previous events in the area. There will however be money coming into the area in accommodation and local purchases as well as local workers being employed.

That Gleneagles Hotel should object to such an event saying it will cause disruption is preposterous. For years the local area has been supportive of their events even when there has been massive disruption for local residents, why would it be any different for an event held by someone other than them.

The local community has to make their voice heard and do it soon. Let PKC know your opinion, if you don’t then how can you expect your wishes to be counted? So whether you are for or against TITP, it is up to each and every one of us to show PKC the true opinion of our local community.


When The Electrician Is Not What You Think

When you hire an electrician to do work in your home, you presume you are hiring a professional tradesman. To me that normally means time served, having done an apprenticeship.

To friends and family in England and Wales it could mean something completely different. There is now a new qualification as a qualified Domestic Electrical Installer – Part P certification is possible with this qualification.

Looking on the web, it is possible for someone with absolutely no electrical knowledge to take an 18 day course as a Domestic Electrical Installer then a 5 day Part P course. They are now able to set themselves up as a “Domestic Only Electrician”

Part P was heralded as a safety net to ensure all electrical work was compliant with the required standards. What it has instead done is allow people to learn the absolute minimum and set themselves up as “Electricians”.

23 days of learning and this is supposed to give someone the ability to rewire our homes. I don’t know about you but I am horrified at this. I always thought that tradesmen like electricians, plumbers and joiners etc had to do years learning their trade. That is why you hired them because you knew they were safe, you could be confident they knew what they were doing.

This is your home and your families safety we are talking about. If you require electrical work done, please if you are in England or Wales, take the time to ensure your “Electrician” is exactly that, not a “Domestic Electrical Installer”

Electricity kills, don’t take a chance, use time served professionals, your family’s lives may depend upon it.

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New Community Councillors

Congratulations to our new Community Councillors.

Alan Watt representing Aberuthven.

Ross Allan, Geoffrey Gelder and Aileen Smith representing Auchterarder.

Malcolm  Best representing Glendevon.

We wish them well in their endeavours.


Definition of Community Councils from PKC website –

Community Councils are local voluntary organisations with a difference – they have a right to exist under law and a right to be consulted on planning issues. They are there to represent the views of a local community to the local authority and other agencies and support community activity across a wide range of issues of public interest.

All Community Council meetings are open to the public, their minutes and agendas should be publicly available.

Whilst Community Councils are there to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to their local authority – and other public bodies – the view of the community they represent they can also take such actions that are deemed to be in the interest of that community as appears to be practicable.

Perth and Kinross Council encourages residents to become involved in their local Community Councils.  Community Councils are the most local community based tier of elected representation and it is their duty to represent the views of their communities and to act to ensure their wellbeing.


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Auchterarder & District Community Council By-Election

It’s that time again when the Community Council is looking for new members.  There are a number of vacancies, 1 in Aberuthven, 3 in Auchterarder and 1 in Glendevon.

So if you want to become involved in the local Community and have an input in local matters, why not put your name forward?

This from the PKC website –

Persons wishing to represent their community council must be 18 years of age, reside within the community council sub-area and be named on the electoral register for the community council sub-area in which they are standing.  A candidate’s proposer and seconder must also be named on the electoral register and reside in the same community council sub-area.

To stand as a candidate a completed nomination form, together with a supporting 50 word statement must be submitted to the Community Council Liaison Officer, 2 High Street, Perth, PH1 5PH no later than 4pm on Thursday 15 January 2015.

Nomination forms can be downloaded below and are also available from Auchterarder Post Office, 111 High Street, Auchterarder, Perthshire, PH3 1BJ.

Only 2 days to put in your nomination, so why not take the plunge and get involved?


Smith Commission Asking For Peoples Views On Further Power For Scotland

Have your say on the future of Scotland.  Information is on the Smith Commission website as to how to put forward your ideas and comments on the further devolution powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Lord Smith has been tasked with convening cross-party talks to produce, by 30 November 2014, Heads of Agreement with recommendations for further devolution of powers to strengthen the Scottish Parliament within the UK. As part of that, Lord Smith wants to hear from you about your views on what could be devolved.

If you wish to put forward your points then the website to start with is the Smith Commission which gives information as to how you can do this.

You only have until 31st October 2014 so start writing now to ensure you get your views heard.


This is a link to the page which gives information on how to put forward any points or ideas that you have.


Average Speed Cameras Go Live In October

The new average speed cameras on the A9 throughout the area will be going live on 28th October according to the A9 Safety Group.  This means that from Dunblane to Inverness there will be average speed cameras throughout most of the journey.

In the local area this means that on the dual carriageway cars and car derived vans are at the national speed limit of 70mph.

However, if you travel north on the A9 and reach one of the overtaking lanes, this is a 60mph for most vehicles.  It is not classed as dual carriageway.

It may be that getting to Perth or Stirling will cost a little more time if there are lorries trying to overtake one another whilst keeping to the speed limit which for them is 50mph.

So from the 28th October, the average speed cameras on the A9 will be live.


Career Opportunity

A vacancy has arisen for a Reservations/Receptionist at the award winning Duchally Country Estate.

Previous experience is preferred but full training will be given.  Must be computer literate.

Required for 4 shifts in a 7 day week including evenings and weekends.

Duties include – to be the focal point of all contact with visitors, including answering the phone, dealing with faxes, emails and taking reservations.  You will be required to provide an excellent customer service at all times.

The position also involves managing reservations to ensure revenue is maximised.  Liaising with external businesses and monitoring third party websites.

Previous applicants need not reapply.


If you are interested in this position please email a covering letter to attaching a current CV.



Community Christmas Event

It’s back and it promises to be a fantastic event again this year.  Now in it’s 3rd Year, the Auchterarder Community Christmas Event will take place on Sunday 30th December 2014.

A time for the whole community to get together and enjoy a little Festive Cheer as we bring together local businesses and crafters to help kickstart your Christmas shopping in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

So make a note in your diary for Sunday 30th November and come join us in celebrating the beginning of the Festive Season.