Tax Rebate Scam

Please see below for a copy of an email received today – as you can see it looks official however checking the email addresses by forwarding the email – you don’t actually have to send it, however it will show you the actual email address.  As you can see from this one, it is not anything like official.

Please let others know this scam is doing the rounds again.


Subject: 4 October, 2016 – Self Assesment Tax Refund
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2016 13:45:03 +0000

HM Revenue & Customs


Tаx Rеfund Nоtificаtion


Aftеr thе lаst annuаl cаlculаtiоns оf yоur fiscаl аctivity, we hаve dеterminеd thаt yоu аre еligiblе tо recеive а tаx rеfund оf:

£ 298.54

Pleаse submit the tаx rеfund rеquest аnd аllоw us 3 dаys in оrdеr to prоcess it. As pаrt of thе new prоcedurе оf tаx rеturns, yоu neеd to creаte а Gоvernmеnt Gаtеway аccоunt.

Claim Now

Rеfund Detаils

Issuing Dаte : Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Totаl Amоunt : 298.54 GBP

Refеrencе : G19H WE65 TR47 N0A

Delivеry Methоd : : Elеctrоnicаlly by Cаrd

Exhibition by MelittaArt – Opening Night 30th September


An exhibition by MelittaArt – paintings, textiles and 3D

If you wish to enjoy appreciating art that enthrals and inspires you, brings colour, imagination and peace into your life, then visit the Barn Gallery at the Bield at Blackruthven. Melitta A H Bosworth is exhibiting her newest works, from 1 – 30 October, open daily from 10am – 4pm. The Opening Night with refreshments, to which everyone is cordially welcome, is 30 September 7 – 9pm.

Melitta believes in encouraging a person’s potential and growth, often through art and reflection; helping to hold that space for others. Her art has brought a peace on her own life journey- that dance of periods of peace and periods of pieces, ultimately leading to greater wholeness. She has a natural affinity with nature, believing in a certain ‘poetry of place’ in landscape and her surroundings. She creates art with a depth, a celebration of colour and a nod to realism.

Melitta is a Scottish contemporary artist, art facilitator, spiritual accompanier and person-centered counsellor who uses art therapeutically – based in Perthshire. She is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, the Open College of Arts, and of Leith School of Art. She gained her post graduate diploma in PCT counselling from the University of Strathclyde. She is a member of Paisley Art Institute, and a member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists.

She has had works commissioned, including recently by Perth Cathedral, and has exhibited extensively in group and solo shows. Melitta is also an experienced and in-demand workshop facilitator – offering opportunities in ‘Creative Journeying’ courses & tasters, as well as opportunities to explore creativity & spirituality.

As Tripadvisor’s 5* review says of Melitta and her work space: ‘a well-equipped art room and art room facilitator (who is so gentle, encouraging and a rich resource in herself)’

Melitta is Art – she is energised by the process & delights in sharing that. She also draws inspiration from other creative practices, particularly poetry, such as Wendell Berry’s ‘Peace of Wild Things’, and in her art invites you to, ‘… come into the peace of wild things’, she encourages you to ‘rest in the grace of the world, and (be) free’.

Until now, a somewhat undiscovered talent in Scotland, Melitta’s time is here and her ‘Peacework-Piecework’ will gracefully set you free.

Air Guns To Require Licence from July

Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Perthshire South & Kinross-shire, has highlighted a Police Scotland amnesty on unlicensed air guns – and urged those who do not intend to have their weapon licensed to make use of the amnesty, which runs until 12 June. The scheme, launched on 23 May , has already seen more than 2,000 weapons handed in to police stations across Scotland.

The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act comes fully into force in December this year and will make it an offence, from July 2016, for a person who owns an air weapon not to have a licence for it. This broadly follows the existing principle and practices of firearms legislation and will protect public safety by ensuring that only a person fit to obtain a licence can own an air weapon.

Speaking today, Ms Cunningham said:


“I am encouraged by the response from the public to this air weapon amnesty, which has led to 2,000 weapons being taken off our streets. 


“From the 1st of July this year new legislation will require everyone who has an air weapon to have a licence to keep it.


“I know that there are many, particularly in the rural parts of my constituency, who own air weapons and who use them responsibly.  This legislation does not alter their ability to do so, it simply seeks to ensure that they are only ever in the hands of responsible owners and the amnesty enables people to get rid of unused and unwanted weapons which might otherwise find their way into irresponsible hands.


“I would encourage anyone who owns an air gun, but does not intend to license it, to take advantage of this amnesty and hand the weapon in to the main Police Office in Barrack Street, Perth.”


Tax Scammers Come Out About Now

It’s that time again.  End of the financial year and time for all the scammers to send the emails telling you that you have a tax refund coming to you.  I got one a couple of days ago, from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the subject was HMRC Refund Confirmation,  the email looked great however if I hovered over the sender when I was looking at my inbox – it was from – So over the next weeks and months, please be careful of any emails telling you that you are getting a tax rebate.  I am pretty sure the real HMRC does not send emails to let you know such things.

Issue one pic

Cold Callers Selling Property Coating Products

It seems there are some cold callers going about Auchterarder, specifically in the Muirton area. They are selling some sort of coating for your property that is supposed to keep it clean etc. The coating is pretty much the same as something you could buy off the shelf and the guarantees are pretty much the same as the shop bought product. Be careful and don’t sign up for anything before you have researched it. If anyone knows friends or family in the Muirton area, please let them know so they can be aware


Donate To Those Affected By Floods In Lancashire

I am sure we can all agree that the devastation the recent floods brought to the North of England is something we didn’t expect to see. Those who have been evacuated to rest centres are yet to see just how much damage has been caused to their homes. Others already know that the water level has been in feet not inches.

Sitting here in my comfortable home, I thought what I could do to help. It is not at first obvious how to do so, which made me decide to go look. After an hour or so I found the Lancashire Churches Together group and phoned Canon Ed Saville and explained that I wanted to be able to help and know it was going where it was needed.

Canon Saville advised me that there is a fund specifically set up to co-ordinate what is needed and sent me the web address.

This is a bona fide fund set up as an offshoot of the Community Foundation For Lancashire which is supported by many organisations in the area. So if you are looking to offer some help to those who have been victims of the recent flooding then I am confident that this is a suitable fund to receive donations and ensure they are used to their best advantage.

I have seen many on Facebook and Twitter mentioning about helping our own, well now you can, please feel free to donate whatever you can to help those who have been left with scenes of devastation in their homes.

Thank you.


Banking Hours Slashed

As from 7th December the Bank Of Scotland in Auchterarder will no longer be open every working day.  From that date the bank will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am until 4pm.

Although reported originally in national media in September, it is worth reminding everyone now that banking habits will have to change, especially for businesses used to banking most days.   A night safe is to be available for those who may need it.

In less than 4 weeks the town will no longer have full time banking available.

barbara nesbitt

Barbara Nesbitt Performs In Craigrossie Hotel on Halloween

The Craigrossie Hotel in Auchterarder is delighted to welcome Barbara Nesbitt to perform on Halloween.

Winner of awards for songwriting, acoustic performance and nominated for some of the most prestigious acoustic awards in America Barbara Nesbitt is a Folk music performer admired by other performers.

Based in Austin Texas and currently dividing her time between The Whiskey Sisters (which she helped form), Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe and her “solo” project simply called Barbara Nesbitt.  Barbara is well known on the music scene in Texas and has gained much acclaim for her various collaborations.

So why not drop in and enjoy the sound of true Americana on Halloween?

Issue one pic

Future Plans For Auchterarder

To keep up to date with local plans for Auchterarder check out the Charrette Report here


Any Budding Novelists Out There?

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. 

On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30.

Valuing enthusiasm, determination, and a deadline, NaNoWriMo is for anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel.


If you would like to know more, head for NaNoWriMo