Free Parking From PKC

Winter parking initiative

To help with your Christmas shopping, Perth & Kinross Council is bringing back FREE after 2 pm parking in all Council operated car parks in Perth city centre and throughout the whole of Perth and Kinross. Free after 2 will operate on each Thursday and Friday from the from 24th November until 27 January 2017 inclusive.

If you arrive in the listed car parks before 2 pm, you must buy a pay and display ticket to cover you until the free period begins.

The promotion will operate in all of the following Council operated car parks:

Perth City

In Perth this applies to all the council-owned car parks but not on-street parking. Please note this does not include those operated by Smart Parking or the car parks at Bells Sports Centre and Rodney Sports Centre.

Zone 1

  • Mill Street
  • Scott Street
  • Thimblerow (Pay on exit)

Zone 2

  • AK Bell Library
  • Back Wynd
  • Canal Street
  • Charles Street
  • Leonard Street
  • Mill Wynd
  • Milne Street
  • Speygate
  • Victoria Street
  • West Mill Street

Zone 3

  • Norie-Miller
  • Riverside Turning Head
  • South Inch

Outwith Perth City

The promotion will also operate in Council-owned town centre car parks in:

  • Blairgowrie
  • Crieff
  • Dunkeld
  • Pitlochry

In addition to the FREE after 2 scheme the council operated car parks and on-street pay and display bays are free of charge on Sundays and also 25th / 26th December 2016 and 1st / 2nd January 2017.


T In The Park – The Biggest Victim Of Its Own Success?

T in The Park is taking a break in 2017.  A rite of passage for so many young Scots is to take some time to re evaluate whether it can continue as before.

What started as a celebration of music, one of the only ones in Scotland not based on traditional music has now changed considerably.  The reputation of the festival has also changed considerably over the years.

At first there were a few hiccups as things settled down.  One of the biggest concerns for festival goers was the weather, how many times have we seen reports of people dancing in the mud.  The concerns now are more insidious, drugs and drug related deaths have led the reports of T in The Park in recent years.

A victim of its own success, the festival is now not so much about appreciating the music, more about the partying.  The demographics of the audience have changed from music lovers to party goers, priorities are different and this has affected the festival as a whole.

No more the happy summer music event.  T in The Park now has a reputation for being the archetypal “Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll” event.  This change is not the fault of the organisers or the music industry, this change is to do with the audience.  If the audience doesn’t change then the behaviour of the audience will not change.

With this in mind, the recent move to Strathallan was met with mixed reactions from the local community.  To reduce disruption the local council put in place restrictions to try to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.  Understandably the restrictions were almost prohibitive.  These restrictions however did not manage to make the event any safer it seems.  While so much noise was being made about keeping ospreys safe, not enough thought went into keeping the audience safe.

Will T in The Park ever regain its crown as the best music festival in Scotland, or is it destined to be the biggest victim of its own success?


All About You Beauty Clinic Christmas Event

On the 25th of November we will be hosting a shopping and demonstration night in salon with of course the all important wine and nibbles �.

We will have a fabulous selection of Christmas gifts from Guinot, Posh Brats & Exposed Tan to name a few with skin care gift boxes, bath bombs & oils, nail care etc on display and available and presents to suit all the family.

There will be offers on our gift vouchers for that evening only and of course we will be demonstrating some of our fantastic treatments that will help you to sparkle this festive season.

All people who attend will also receive a free Christmas gift from us as well.

We will be posting more details as we know them so keep your eyes peeled.

This is a ticket event they will be available from the salon and will be £3 and this will include wine an one free entry into our fabulous raffle that will be disclosed later.

Hope to see you all there x

Hope to see you all


New Credit Union offices in Letham (Perth) and Auchterarder

Perth and Kinross Credit Union (PKCU) is opening two new area offices in Auchterarder and Letham in Perth.

The Auchterarder area office will operate from the Church Centre at 24 High Street, PH3 1DF, from 11am to 1pm every Wednesday, starting on 16 November.

The Letham area office will operate from Letham Hub, Tweedsmuir Road, Perth, PH1 2HJ from 10am to 12 noon every Thursday, starting on 17 November.

Chair of Perth and Kinross Credit Union Euan Walker said, “We are delighted to be able to open two new area offices, making the credit union even more accessible. One of our chief aims is to make ethical finance and low cost loans available to people who may not have the means or ability to travel, or who may live in areas without mainstream banking services near by.

“The credit union encourages people to build up savings and offers affordable loans as an alternative to pay day lenders or ‘rent to buy’ schemes. I’d like to say a big thank you to our welcoming and professional volunteers who will run the area offices – do pop in for a chat to find out more about our work!’

The credit union now boasts over 1,000 members. In 2015, PKCU approved 700 loans. Membership of PKCU is open to anyone who lives or works in the Perth and Kinross local authority area.

Perth & Kinross Council’s Housing and Health Convener, Councillor Dave Doogan, said: “Perth and Kinross Credit Union has gone from strength-to-strength since it opened in 2014. It’s fantastic news for people in Letham and Auchterarder that it is now planning to offer its services in these communities.

“PKCU enables local people at every income level to save and access loans, repayable at a much more affordable interest rate than those of payday lenders. Saving in a credit union is an especially positive step to take, as in so doing savers know that they are investing in sustaining our communities and helping to drive improvements in people lives.

“I would encourage the people of Letham and Auchterarder to make good use of this new service.”

dunning christmas fair

Dunning Christmas Craft Fair

Join us this year for the biggest Dunning Craft fair , now in it’s 18th year, it will be hosting a wide range of professional , talented artists and craftsmen . An excellent place to find special presents for family, friends and ideal place to treat yourself too!

christmas 2016

Auchterarder Christmas In The Community

Sunday 27th November is the date for this years Community Christmas Event.

Starting with a Fancy Dress Parade for all ages the day continues with special events, surprise guests and shopping both in selected High Street shops and in the Aytoun Hall.

So make a note in your diary and come join the fun.

Watch this space for updates.


Get Insurance Savvy

Before the weather takes a turn for the worse, make sure you get yourself insurance savvy.

The weather events of recent years have seen an increase in property claims and this has shown many policyholders the limits of their policies.  For some it has meant they are left wondering why they paid any premiums at all.

Many of you reading this will have policies already in place so let’s begin by trying to help you make the most of the cover you have.

Photographs are a must, take photographs of your home at least once every 6 months, especially high value items.  Anything you have inherited or been given as a gift, so therefore have no receipt or proof of ownership, take a photograph, preferably of you wearing or using said item if possible to prove you possessed it.

Photographs of electrical items should include make and model where possible as this is the information insurance companies will be looking for if they are to replace.

For large pieces of furniture make sure you have the base of the item included in the photograph in case of flood.  The depth of the water and how far it affected items will be very important when the insurance company decides whether to repair or replace these items.


Keep receipts, guarantees etc. for as long as you still have the items, preferably in an easily accessible folder that is watertight.  If you have received emails confirming purchases, keep these in a folder which will be accessible via internet access.  It may be an idea to take photographs or scan your paper receipts, just in case something happens to your folder, at least then you know you have them to hand.

Don’t just keep receipts for large purchases of household items, what about clothing, footwear etc.?  Did you get that coat from Primark or John Lewis?  What about those boots are they Timberland or Deichman?  Did that fancy dress costume for you child come from the Disney Store or Asda?  Can you prove it?  If you can’t then the insurance company will be within their rights to offer the lowest replacement value whether they replace the item or offer cash.

Policy Wording

Many policies have in the wording that the insurance company has the final say in how things are dealt with.  Whether the contractors are chosen by them or you, whether items are replaced or a cash amount offered.

You can ask for a local contractor to be appointed, however the insurance company may decide they want their contractors to do the work as they have preferential rates.

You can ask for a cash settlement to replace items; however, the insurance company may only offer the amount it would cost them to replace the items.

This amount could be less than it would cost you as the insurance companies may have arranged discounted costs with some suppliers.  So, what may cost you £500 to replace from a High-Street Store could cost an insurance company £400 with discounts from suppliers.  Therefore, they will only offer you £400 cash as that is all it would cost them to replace the damaged item.

This is just a snippet of what it takes to be even a little insurance savvy, something we should all be as the insurance companies try to cut costs after the recent weather events.

More to follow, until then, go take those photographs and find those receipts.

Christmas Tree Poster 2016

Auchterarder Christmas Tree Festival 2016

Auchterarder in Bloom is again holding a Christmas Tree Festival in 2016, with a live music day on 17th December.  Why not go enjoy the music with friends and enjoy the festivities.