Could It Be Progress?

It turns out I haven’t lost 7lb (I don’t think anyone thought that was realistic) however I have lost 3lb which is a good start.  I am presuming that is from the walking I did in London and the absolute lack of crème brulee whilst back at home. You may

Have I Lost 7lb?

Can it be true?  Does being up and about make that much of a difference?  Could I actually have lost half a stone and not known about it?  What did I do today that I didn’t do yesterday? I am sitting at the desk wondering just what to believe.  Yesterday

Here I go Again

Yesterday shall be stricken from the record as it consisted of driving from London to Auchterarder.  No one should even try to attempt healthy eating when driving so many miles. Now that I am home I can check myself on the scales I am used to, which of course I

The Granola Bar Got Me

Tuesday morning normally has two options, either you have had a great day on Monday and you are ready to bounce into Tuesday or if Monday wasn’t so good, Tuesday is a restart.  Yesterday was a clean slate with good intentions to start the way I intended to continue.  That